Sex is an art

An art that can take years of practice and study to reach its greatest heights. As lovers become familiar which each other's bodies, sex can become a fine ballet of ecstasy. Each move is answered by its compliment. Smooth and confident. With sure understanding of the means to deliver the other's pleasure.

To reach this heightened level of sexual pleasure, a long relationship between compatible partners is required. Both must be creative and sensual, sensitive and intelligent, and both must be free from inhibition.

To insure freedom from inhibition, and to allow both partners to feel safe to give themselves completely, a total trust must be achieved. For many women it is only in a long term relationship that regular orgasms can be achieved.

With these criteria it is easy to see why transcendent sexuality requires spiritual purity. Add deep love to the equation and sex becomes a force of immeasurable power. The only persons who could doubt this are those who have never experienced even a taste of higher sexuality.

In a long term relationship there is also more room for experimentation. This is the key to learning about our own and our partner's bodies. Experimentation is also important because a vital element of the art is the ability to keep sex from becoming mundane. Even great love can become boring if it is without growth and a sense of adventure.

It is important that the lovers comprehends that sexuality is not just physical, but also psychological. For both men and women, there are times when one must be smarter than their partner. Keeping a sense of mystery and unpredictability is one of the art's greatest challenges.

The sexual art requires an understanding of the lover's total soul. An intuition of when to be gentle, coy, or to add a touch of brutality. When to wait and when to lead. It is a subtle interplay with the lover's emotional landscape and psychological make-up.

It is said that love encompasses all emotions. A lucid understanding of this mystery is crucial to mastering the art of giving ultimate pleasure to the partner.

In the modern world we seem to be a society which is sexually obsessed. This is so because we are also a society which is repressed and frustrated. Within advertising and entertainment we are constantly bombarded with titillating images. Yet we never really view sexuality in an open and healthy manner. It is always presented as a flirtation which must be concealed.

The provocative style of modern women's clothing also keeps our society in a state of constant agitation. Women go as far as they can in revealing their bodies, but still breasts and buttocks are never seen. This titillation and denial keeps us in a constant state of unfulfilled desire.

This state of sexual tension is also caused by the fact that in America we put off marriage and prolong childhood. After high school young adults attend four years of college. Even after college most people put off marriage until their late 20's or early 30's; believing the saying that 'you should enjoy life while you're young.'

The irony of this is that both the frequency and quality of sexuality is usually lower outside of marriage. We idealize the excitement of the hunt and of the conquest, but gain only frustration and yearning.

The human body is biologically ready for procreation by the age of twelve or thirteen. Throughout most of human history people married at this young age. Today this idea is morally abhorrent.

Sexuality is denied and repressed in young people. Often resulting in the neurosis and emotional distress which we have come to accept as a normal fact of adolescence.

I can't help wondering what is lost by not allowing ourselves the pleasures of love during the most fertile and energetic years of our lives.

The denial of sex, coupled with sexual obsession, has become a dynamic which our social structure depends upon. Our economic system is driven by this dynamic. Too much satisfaction would be dangerous to the economy therefore the dynamic must be maintained.

Sexuality is no longer about love, or even pleasure, it is now about power and ego. 'How many of the opposite sex can one attract or lay? How much praise of one's vanity can be acquired?' Sexuality has become a world of domination and submission playing out our psychological needs

Worse yet this dynamic is turned around and played against our insecurities. 'Are we good enough? Beautiful enough? Rich enough to deserve love?' And to be sexually desirable you must have the whitest teeth, the shiniest hair, the most expensive fashions, the best car, the gold card, antiperspirants, cosmetics, designer jeans, and the list goes on as the wheels of capitalism spin.

The dynamic makes corporate profits soar and the rich get richer. The wealth of those in power depends on you staying sexually obsessed, frustrated, insecure, vain, and in desperate need of love for ego compensation.

In one example; imagine if American women all began to wear simple black robes covering their entire bodies and concealing their faces as in some Middle Eastern countries. If this were to happen billions of dollars in corporate profits would be lost. Thousands of workers would become unemployed in the fashion, cosmetics, and hair care industries. This one elimination of the pursuit of beauty would throw our entire economy into a major depression and send the stock market plummeting.

Our most basic biological functions have been exploited. Life's most sacred act has been put on the market. Our minds have been conditioned, and our desires manipulated by social engineering promoted by corporations and advertising agents.

In 1998, sexual liberation has a new meaning. Is there any way to free ourselves from the complex dynamic which constitutes sexual repression in our modern age?

The first step is to become conscious of the nature of the new repression. The next step calls for a new sexual revolution. To start...

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