"The new age stereotype is that it's all about changing one's self internally and the world can take care of itself. The political activist's stereotype is that we ignore our inner selves to save the world. Neither works"-Sarah Van Gelder of Yes Magazine

Personal spirituality and social change are fundamentally connected. Each has implications for the other, and both are dependent on the other. Until we as individuals know ourselves we cannot hope to change the world. Until we find the path to overcoming our perception through individual ego the reason for social change will never be truly clear.

My Deconstruction

In 1981 I decided I must make a decision about my political beliefs and act on them. At that time I felt that if I could not support the U.S. government that I should join The Weathermen or some other militant force and fight for armed revolution.

As I was trying to sort this all out in my head I began to realize that I could not make a decision concerning my political beliefs unless I had a firm sense of my own moral beliefs. Realizing that I had never consciously considered my own moral beliefs lead me into a long journey of psychological deconstruction.

Soon I began to question everything I had ever believed. I realized my head was filled with beliefs and I had no idea where they came from. They were just there. The more questions I ask, the more were suggested. This process was frightening and painful. Before it was over I felt overwhelmingly confused. I had no idea what I believed any longer. At the lowest point my entire value system completely collapsed.

Feeling exhausted from months of brutal self-examination, and realizing that my sanity may have been pushed to its limits, I dropped out of the world for awhile. I spent the next year and a half living in a secluded forest retreat. I tried not to push my mind too hard. I needed time for my unconscious mind to digest all that had happened.

In time, slowly and naturally, I began putting the pieces back together. Doing my best to not be swayed by the social programming of my childhood, and trying to make conscious, rational decisions as I built a new value system for myself.

As painful and hard as this process was, I value it greatly because afterwards I saw the world with new eyes. I felt strong in my beliefs. I knew what my values were and what the were based on. And if further questions were raised I had no fear of reevaluating them again.

The Imperial Orgy As Spiritual Medium

As I learned from personal experience, each individual must go through a process of self examination to undo the social programming they have been conditioned with since birth. Before we as individuals are old enough to reason for ourselves we are conditioned by family and friends, teachers, the media, and advertising to believe a complex set of values which we have never consciously considered.

The motto of The Imperial Orgy is 'follow yourself'. 'Think for yourself'. But before one can do so we are forced to question everything we have been brainwashed into believing in the past, and make conscious value judgments for ourselves. It is a process of spiritual deconstruction that can be painful and confusing. And to take responsibility for oneself is a burden many do not wish to bear.

One of our goals in The Imperial Orgy is to present a medium to inspire people to seek spiritual rebirth through self-knowledge. One of the means in which we do this is through The Imperial Orgy website. The heart of The Imperial Orgy website is an introspective journey of self-discovery where the visitor is initiated into The Orgy's Inner circle by making their ways through a maze where they are asked to share their deepest beliefs with the Orgy community. For many this process of self-examination has a profound effect on them. Many claim the experience gave them a sense of clarity which they never knew before.

Further, other arts and events presented by The Imperial Orgy are also designed to stimulate people to question their own beliefs and begin this process of spiritual rebirth. The process of self-knowledge is also one of overcoming one's ego. And only once we escape the selfish control of the individual ego are we ever really able to dedicate ourselves to a larger cause and realize that we are one with all humanity, life, and the universe.

The social evolution of humankind has been the process of this passage, step-by-step, from animal, to human, to something which for lack of a better word we will call 'God'. God in the sense of understanding that below the illusion of our sense perceptions of the material world we are all truly one.

This process of overcoming ego is the passage from thinking like an animal only of our own individual desires, and moving from there to expanding our sense of responsibility to include family, to tribe, to race, to nation, to all humankind, and now to this realization that we are responsible for all of life and that all of the universe is life.

SPIRITUALITY AND SOCIAL CHANGE NEW AGE Activism an article by author Caeser Pink on the relationship between spiritual issues and political activism. Imperial Orgy

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