We need to throw our old ideas about how our civilization is structured into the garbage can. The old ideas are blinding us to the truth. We might start by realizing that the view that human society is organized into nations that are run by governments is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The process of globalization is inevitable. National borders are becoming less and less important and the change cannot be stopped. Increasingly the main forces of power in the world are corporate. Corporations are now global entities with power, capital, and influence that equal that of nations. I am not saying that national governments will not play a role in future civilization. They will. But the role of governments will be diminished, just as the role of royalty in European society changed at the advent of capitalistic democracy.

There are many factors causing these changes. Of course, corporations want to be giant global entities for their own financial gain. But other factors are making the changes increasingly possible.Technologies such as the Internet, cable TV, communication satellites, fax machines, and inexpensive travel is making it impossible for nations to isolate themselves from the world.

Historic factors such as the triumph of capitalism over communism as the dominant world philosophy, and the increasing desire of corporations to merge into super-giant conglomerates, all play into making the changes come into being.

One of the final steps in this process is the move towards eliminating trade restrictions along national borders. One of the main causes supported by political activists is the fight against the World Trade Organization that is trying to create open trade.

Although I agree with the reasons the activists believe free trade can hurt people, they are trying to cling to the past and it is a losing battle. A new world is emerging. Free trade is coming and it cannot be stopped.

The real job of the activists, and any of us who are concerned about the future of human life, should be to understand what this new world of the future will look like and to work to shape it in a way that benefits the greatest number of people rather than just those at the top.

In order to fight against the evils that are possible in the new world, we must first define the problems. This means making people aware of the coming changes, making them aware of the specific dangers, and then presenting a practical means of fighting against those dangers.

To put this into perspective we should look at America and the birth of the United States government. The concepts that were behind the creation of the U.S. government were based on ideas presented by English and French political theorists. It was a revolutionary idea. What made our government so special was its limitations and accountability. The government's power was limited by checks and balance between the different branches. And most important, the government was accountable to the people through free elections. What was really most revolutionary was the simple idea of a government for the people, instead of people who lived for the will of the rulers.

The reason I dig back into this history is because the way in which we see corporations today corresponds to the way in which people viewed rulers and governments before the French and American revolutions.

Likewise, I believe that the revolutionary change in the way in which we viewed governments should now be applied to the way we view corporations.

Before we continue down this road I want to make it very clear that I do not advocate communism or state socialism in any way. I do not suggest that corporations are nationalized. I think these are a lousy answer to the problem.

We do need to view corporations as the new rulers of our civilization and make then accountable to the world. Dare we say a corporation for the people? If corporation are allowed to grow and accumulate unchecked power it could be disastrous. Corporations are the only giant institutions that are not expected to hold social responsibility as a high priority. And they will never do so unless they are forced. And they will never be forced until people understand their role in modern society and believe there to be a need for this change in what we expect from corporations.

I believe there are ways to make this change happen which do not go against capitalism, democracy, or the free market system. In fact, I believe capitalism provides us with the very tools to make these changes.

Although we tend to see the corporations as the enemy, the time has come when we need to view them as a necessary partner. To make social change we must create a working relationship with corporate leaders. They must be shown that social change will be a win/win situation that benefits them as well as the public. In order to achieve anything they must be able to feel some level of trust. If we frame the situation as two forces in opposition this will not be possible.

To many, these types of changes may seem impossible to achieve, but likewise, before the American and French revolutions a government for the people must have seemed inconceivable to the average man on the streets.

We might do well to remember that corporations are lead by human beings who are effected by public opinion and subject to the desires of their egos. Praise, flattery, criticism, sense of duty and moral responsibility can be powerful tools to convince corporate leaders to act altruistically.

As kings of our civilization, society may benefit by focusing the public eye on these people through the media. They should be treated as celebrities. Let public opinion hold them up as heroes on villains depending on their actions.

Beyond the forces effecting corporations through the personal egos of their leaders, they are also dependent on public opinion economically. Whether that be through valuations on Company stock, or the public's desire to use or avoid a company's products. The power of public opinion to act, if not on the conscience, then as a tool for economic reward or punishment for corporate behavior, should not be underestimated.

Beyond simply pressures be they social or regulatory to modify corporate behavior, I believe we can use the tools of the free market to take control of corporate power. This being a much better solution so that not only behavior may be controlled, but also so that the profits may flow to the working class.

CORPORATIONS AND THE NEW CIVILIZATION can article by author Caeser Pink suggesting that free trade is inevitable and civilization needs to views corporations as institutions for the people.

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