Excerpt from 'Murder Of The Holly King'

Since the beginning of time mankind has tried to scientifically prove the existence of God. But none have ever succeeded. Humanity's greatest minds have pondered the question without success. In the end, belief in God always comes down to faith.

Faith is one of the most powerful and uplifting forces in the world. It is also one of the most destructive. Faith has caused prejudice, hate, wars, and turned individuals into brain dead automatons spewing illogical dogmatisms as gospel.

Jesus Christ said, "Ye must believe as little children." But if we are to make any serious inquiry into the existence of God we must leave childhood behind.

If there is a Creator, he gave us an intellect so we could use it. To give in to faith before we have pushed our intellect to its limits is to fail the Creator. It is to spit on the greatest tool he has allegedly given us.

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If one does not have the courage to tell God to fuck off now and again, then you are not worthy of the Creator's respect. If one is afraid to question God's very existence, then one's faith is too weak to be of any relevance.

So many times people have come up to me and said, "Believe in my God, or my sect, it is the only way."

Usually I ask them, "What makes your religion better than, say Taoism, or perhaps Zoroastrianism?"

One quickly finds that these proselytizers have no knowledge of any cult except their own. Most often it is the first religion they came across which they hold up as the only truth. Far too often they are ready to condemn all those outside the sect they have so randomly chosen.

When it comes to religions, above the ten commandments, above the five pillars of Islam, or the Buddha's four holy truths, I hold one simple dictum: Think for yourself!

Now, with the question of God in our hearts, and this dictum in our minds, let us proceed with our search. For anyone seeking to learn of God's existence, the first logical step is to study every religion and philosophy, from every land and every time period. An exhausting task, but if God is as important as people claim, than certainly this search is not too large a task.

As we search we must be cynics who question every statement to find its weakness. If there is truth therein it will stand up to the heat of our analysis. We must not only discredit those simple minded folks who say, "The Bible is God's word therefore I believe," but also those more formidable fakirs who claim that Descartes proved God's existence dialectically with his flawed logic.

Then after years of study, once we have scoured the earth learning every scripture inside and out, and deconstructed the babblings of every mystic and every philosopher from Plato to Freud, we find we are doomed to come up empty handed. Like all those before us we have failed. God's existence cannot be proven scientifically.

And now what are we to do? Accept that life is a meaningless barrage of random events leading us nowhere? Should we face death as the final cruel joke of a purposeless existence?

Here lies our greatest challenge. Although we are now jaded, we are also wiser. Once the shock of our failure subsides, we may look back and reevaluate our journey. In retrospect, we notice that beneath the cosmetic differences there is a common area to all religions and philosophies; and that this common area also corresponds to the testimonies of artists, scientists, madmen, users of mind-expanding drugs, and lovers of nature.

Even if God is dead, does it matter? And if death is the final end, is that so bad? Our search has just begun. Because if we look closely there is something more subtle which we have bypassed.... 

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